Usually, on Sundays, I set everything straight. It’s like hitting the reset button for the week.

I enjoy writing in a narrative style.

How did last week go? What happened? For instance, my productivity and creativity took a hit because I got too distracted and indulged too much in sweets and overspending. It’s my mind that spins these narratives, and it’s crucial to believe in them and not give up on the idea that I can change them.

What can I improve?

From an athletic and physical standpoint, I’ve kept up with my training consistently, and I’ve finally started incorporating some cardio into my intensive workouts, recognizing its importance along with muscle strengthening and nutrition.

Analyzing these narratives helps me identify the mindset I need to embrace for the upcoming week. Currently, it’s about fueling my passion and satisfying my drive to get things done.

Maintaining a balance among these factors is key. This balance unlocks the heart. The heart is that engine that drives us to act with the right spirit, body, and mind in harmony. Only when we love ourselves fully can we extend love to others.

We ask our coffee to be strong for us, we beg the tablet when we can’t sleep, the cigarette to make us shit, the TV to entertain our children and the phone to think for us. We want our tools to be strong for us, because we don’t find the time to be able to face our weakness and focus on what we have and improve what is missing,